San Francisco in two days, a whirlwind trip

We did San Francisco backwards and we'll be the first to admit it. But instead of subjecting you to that, we'll lay out the trip the way it should have been done. That's the thing about exploring a big, magnificent city in two days, you may not quite figure it out the first time go-round. 

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Your two day guide to Berkeley, Santa Cruz and Carmel-By-The-Sea

So we had a rough start.

In typical "Elly" fashion we missed our 8 am flight out of BWI. In our defense, the flight did leave about 20 minutes early (the joys of flying Spirit Airlines) and oh-so-luckily we scored a 5 pm flight that had us in Oakland by 10 pm (as opposed to the 3pm on our original flight). Overall, could have been worse. But we were truly having the worst of luck transportation-wise, we even missed our later Lite Rail back to BWI reesulting in a somewhat resentful uber ride LOL but what can you do?!

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