A labor of love: One local chocolate maker shares how they turn cocoa beans to chocolate bars

Think chocolate for Valentine’s day is too overdone? Cheesy? Boring? Think again.

Small, D.C. based artisan chocolate company, Harper Macaw is anything but. Owners Colin and Sarah Hartman have built a brand around rainforest conservation, named after two endangered bird species. The Harpy Eagle and the Hyacinth Macaw are native to the region of Brazil from which Harper Macaw’s cocoa beans are sourced.

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Casual, fun Georgetown eats you don't want to miss

Historic Georgetown is known for its old world charm complete with cobblestone streets, narrow row homes and picturesque shopping district. During the daylight hours, visitors can romp along the promenade with waterfront views of the Potomac and by night, this darling college town is transformed by it's casual, popular bar, lounge and music scene. 

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